nosh |näSH| informal
food: filling the freezer with all kinds of nosh.
• a snack or small item of food: have plenty of noshes and nibbles conveniently placed.
verb [ no obj. ]
eat food enthusiastically or greedily: there are several restaurants, so you can nosh to your heart’s content | [ with obj. ] : there I sat, noshing my favorite food.
• eat between meals: today’s grazing is different from what we used to call noshing or snacking.
ORIGIN early 20th cent. (denoting a snack bar): Yiddish.

New Oxford American Dictionary


gas·tron·o·my  |ɡaˈstränəmē| 
the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.


I like to eat. I like to write. I don’t only write about eating. I don’t always think about writing when I eat. This seemed like a good solution.


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